Back To Black - The Allure and lore of Black Jewellery - why pick black jewellery

Published: 20th September 2011
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Black jewellery isn’t dull! It can be elegant and sophisticated, and will complement virtually any ensemble. Being a lover of black colored gemstones personally, I enjoy their particular associations with all the lore of crystals and gem stones and gold heart pendants. In accordance with fable, black stones are famous for their particular grounding abilities, becoming anchors to send back the truth-seeker to reality. Specific stones may also be thought to have their unique capabilities, of which more later on.

Black gemstones take up color therefore will not reflect any light. They may be linked to the planet Saturn, and may symbolize revolt and fortitude. Past associations with elderly aunts as well as the Victorians and their usage of black gems including Whitby jet for mourning jewelry have recently given way to elegant and trendy jewelry that may be used on its own or put together with various other gems and diamonds. The choices are limitless - donned as rings or placed in silver necklaces, or set in unconventional materials which include wood or stainless-steel. They may be modern, or ‘New Age’, trendy or ‘Gothic’.

My favourite ring is a piece of polished Snowflake Obsidian, named due to white internal sections of potassium feldspar, that produce it appear to be snowflakes dropping from a black sky. It is known to improve the sharpness of your brain and clarity of vision - so perhaps that’s why it suits me! Obsidian is actually volcanic glass, and is also known as Apache Tears. Onyx is a member of the Agate family, and comes in a variety of colours besides black. It was popular for making cameos, and also can be found in men’s jewellery, especially rings. Onyx is said to eliminate negative thinking and stimulate optimistic feelings.

Haematite is yet another gem stone which also comes in various colors, from black to a reddish brown. It had been a very well-used stone in Ancient times, the Aztecs and also the Egyptians particularly used it for artwork on walls along with donning on the body. It is actually often located throughout the world, therefore it is not expensive. In gem lore, haematite has a comforting and relaxing benefit, dissolving negativity, and helping to ground the wearer.

Jet is the original mourning jewellery, as I mentioned earlier. This is not strictly speaking a mineral as it is formed organically from fossilised wood. It is therefore quite fragile but is fine when made up into jewellery. Silver necklaces for women and even gold charm bracelets are suitable uses for jet stones. The east coast town of Whitby is one of the best sources for jet, and it also has associations with Vampires (Count Dracula landed here in the harbour in the novel ‘Dracula’), and Goth or Gothic style. So it seems appropriate for ‘Twilight’ fans to make a beeline for the place! Other stones which can be found in black form are Marcasite, Smoky Quartz, and Tourmaline (called ‘schorl’ when black). Possibly the most popular is the black diamond. In recent years black diamonds have increased in popularity, especially in America. They are often heat-treated to bring out the intensity of their colour.

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Authored by Michelle Michaelis, who has several years of experience with marketing product sales, both on the web and retail.

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